Islam resurrects after every Karbala! – By Saria Benazir.

15 Nov

Benazir+Bhutto+Benazir+Bhutto+Killed+Suicide+TDlItyuG8RXlO Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa’sallam)! May the angels of heaven bless you. Here is Husayn in the open, stained with blood and with limbs torn off. O Muhammad! Your daughters are prisoners, your progeny are killed, and the east wind blows dust over them. These were the cries of Zaynab bint Ali as she passed the prostrate body of her martyred brother, Hazrat Husayn (AS). Of that gallant band, male and female knew that the enemy forces around were implacable, and were not only ready to fight, but to kill. Denied even water for the children, they remained parched under the burning sun and scorching sands, yet not one faltered for a moment. Husain marched with his little company, not to glory, not to power of wealth, but to a supreme sacrifice, and every member bravely faced the greatest odds without flinching.

The storyline of Karbala is imprinted in sacred and an indelible red, the stains of which will never grow fainter. It was the blood of the Prophet (PBUH)’s family which was drifted inhumanly in the murky waters of the Euphrates, a sip of which was not even available to a six months old baby Asghar who was murdered by the arrows of the brutal forces of Yazed. It was a battle that decided the fate on righteousness, on the soil and on the firmaments. ‘If the religion of Muhammad(PBUH)  was not going to live on except with me dead, let the swords tear me to pieces’  – this was the audacity of Hazrat Husayn (AS) who fell in prostration as he gave his life fighting for Allah’s religion after losing all of his companions. He was beheaded and the bodies of the martyrs were mutilated and left unburied for forty days. The violence did not culminate here. His family was enslaved and Husayn’s three year old daughter Sakayna died as a captive. However, the martyrs of Karbala were the eventual winners. They were killed, but their beliefs could not be obliterated. Instead, Husayn and his companions became an emblem of gallantry, resoluteness and legitimacy for the people of all the nations and all the religions, his sacrifice having set a paradigm. They were no non believers, but the so – called Muslims who killed the grandson of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) in cold blood about whom he said: ‘Hussain o minni wa ana minal Hussain’ – Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain. What could be a larger exhibition of fondness than calling him a part of himself? They did not attempt to kill Husayn, but a central part of the Prophet (PBUH) which they could not. Yazed and his followers were doomed to convene abhorrence and blight, their names tantamount to defeat and nuisance. Husayn’s message and venture to protect his grandfather’s religion, on the other hand achieved an undying existence of splendor. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is reported to have said: ‘As a result of the assassination of Hussain, such warmth will be kindled in the hearts of the believers that shall not become cold till the Day of Resurrection.

The Karbala did not lapse with the martyrdom of Hazrat Husayn and his companions. It is an as pertinent phenomenon even today. The followers of Husayn (AS) continue to be butchered by the gruesome Taliban who claim to be the vendors of faith. The blood of the Shias does not arouse any remonstrations in this so known as the land of the pure. Hazrat Husayn (AS) gave the sacrifice of his life and his kin to protect God’s faith unlike the Taliban who use suicide jackets to kill innocent civilians and our brave soldiers to spread Yazed’s Islam. The Karbala recurred in Pakistan with the Bhutto tragedy. Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was murdered by Yazed’s courts by speaking up for the rights of the dispossessed population of his country. Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, following in the footsteps of Bibi Zaynab (AS) lost her father, both her brothers and travelled to the desolate wilderness of Karbala despite the dangers to her life and perceiving that the soil was thirsty for her blood, ultimately giving her blood for speaking against Yazed’s religion lectured by the scroungers. They, however, could not mute Hussainyat. The young grandson of ZAB, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari stands as firm as ever against the forces of Yazed who have held our nation hostage. Despite being on their hit list, he is the only politician in Pakistan who holds the bravado to gape in their eyes and label them animals. It was probable for the Bhuttos to live a life of ease by surrendering to these tormenters but they chose not to be intimidated and silenced, but instead wrote a golden history which lies buried under the petals at the graveyard in Garhi Khuda Bux. Like Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar, the pioneer of the Khilafat Movement and a prominent figure in the struggle for Pakistan’s independence wrote ‘Qatl-e-Hussain asl main marg-e-Yazid hai, Islam zindaa hota hai har Karbala ke baad’, how true that resonates in Pakistan. It is the Bhutto’s blood that overwhelms radicalism and despotism and brings democracy to Pakistan. In the jargon of these Yazed Taliban and their appeasers, saying ‘Ya Ali’ and ‘Jeay Bhutto’ is a transgression, but in reality, these catchphrases cleave apart the skies and will persist to echo in the universe till the end.

On this Muharram 10, let us reiterate to fight the Yazed within us that has claimed the lives of thousands of Pakistanis. None of us is Shia or Sunni. It is either Yazid or Husayn’s religion. Let us join hands to eliminate these terrorists for once and all. Following Husayn (AS)’s Islam is the only way to the continuation of Pakistan. The words of Josh Malihabadi wrap up the story of Husayn (AS) and Karbala: “Insaan ko bedaar to ho lene do, har qaum pukaray gi hamare hain Hussain” (Let humanity awaken and every tribe will claim Hussain as their own.)

The Nightingale of India, Sarojini Naidu beautifully placed Hazrat Husayn’s sacrifice very admirably in her poem:

“Black-robed, bare footed, with dim eyes that rain

Wild tears in memory of thy woeful plight

And hands in blind, rythmic anguish smite

Their blood stained bosoms, to a sad refrain

From the old haunting Legend of thy pain,

Thy votaries mourn thee thru’ the tragic night

With mystic dirge and meloncholy rite

Crying to thee Husain! Ya Hussain!

Why do thy myraid lovers so lament?

Sweet saint, is not thy matchless martyrhood

The living banner and brave covenant

Of the high creed thy prophet did proclaim

Bequeathing for the world’s beatitude

Th’ enduring loveliness of Allah’s name.”

Jehangir Bader: The tale of heroism and devotion to the PPP. – By Saria Benazir.

25 Oct

clip_image002He was beleaguered, whipped and incarcerated, but he never gave up on the doctrine, he so stalwartly believed in. His existence is an immaculate exemplar of audacity in times of adversity, and an unparalleled allegiance to the Bhutto family, and he has never desisted from any sacrifice to hold the red, green and black crest of his party too towering, as to pack the ambiance with its immenseness and distinctiveness. His parable is tear-jerking, but illustrates an unplumbed heroism and devotion to the cause of Pakistan Peoples’ Party. He signifies an indestructible bond with the party that is larger than life to him. Every time, he remembers his leader Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto, his eyes haze and the wretchedness is perceptible in his words.

He is a fighter – warrior of democracy, who from his teenage years had undertaken to bring an alteration in Pakistan’s political scenario that had always encompassed of the autocrats and drawing room politicians, who had utterly no going into the masses. Jehangir Bader initiated his political activism as the President of his college’s student union and in the course of that, led the campaign to oust the military rule of General Ayub Khan, which was apathetic to the needs and demands of the commoners. Profoundly enthused by Quaid e Awaam Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, his relation with the party he established goes to the heart. As a fervent aficionado of the entrancing Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, he declined to be silenced, and persevered with the cause of an egalitarian Pakistan, in the face of getting tormented and locked up in the dictatorial regimes. He nevertheless set a history. 

The cause of democracy was the dearest to his heart, and he always placed his own verve on peril to hold the pennants of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party lofty, in the eras of the atrocious of the despots. His ‘transgression’ of receiving his leader, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto at the LahoreAirport was castigated by a year term and battering in front of the Shaheed Bhutto Cell. But he was a man of iron: thirty – five lashes at one fell swoop could not shatter that idol, or crack his faithfulness to the PPP. He was apprehended in the Kot Lakhpat Jail (alongside his leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who was also held a captive there) for touring Punjab with Madr e Jamhooriat Begum Nusrat Bhutto. In the same year, his son, Zulfikar Ali Bader was born – a child, named by and after Quaid e Awam, who depicts the indestructible bond that links him with the PPP. Every consequent affliction was ruthless than the prior. He also remained seized and tortured in the Shahi Qila of Lahore on the commands of zia ul haq.

His fortitude to expel the domineering regime of zia ul haq was unflinching. He led the Movement for the Restoration of Democracy despite being inflicted with imprisonments and appalling ordeals and as the President of the PPP for the Punjab province, in April 1986, organized the grand and historical reception for the Daughter of the East, Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto – homecoming, that altered the tide and culminated the tyrannical decade of zia ul haq’s rule. In the following elections, the Pakistan Peoples’ Party won a landslide victory in Pakistan, and the Bhutto’s daughter was sworn in as the first ever woman to head a Muslim state. Finally, there was democracy in Pakistan, but that was too short lived. Both terms of the PPP in power did not amount to barely five years, owing to the coups and the extremist lobby in Pakistan’s politics who were apprehensive of a moderate, enlightened and egalitarian Pakistan. Another epoch of torments began. Fictitious corruption incriminations were leveled against Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto, her husband and other PPP leaders, including Jehangir Bader – accusations that were never proven.

Jehangir Bader was one of the closest companions of Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto and he has always stood dutiful to her, and the earth she was buried in. After her assassination, he began his doctorate in philosophy on his sister, and his leader he too dearly cherished – making him the first ever person to do so. This is a paradigm of his incomparable fidelity and adulation for his martyred Chairperson. Every time, he speaks about her, his tone carries mounds of tenderness, and his eyes, heaps of tears. His dedication to Bakhtawar, Aseefa and Bilawal is interminable, and he feels for them, like his own blood and flesh, and the same allegiance is reflected in his children, who have made the PPP the rationale of their existence.

Happy Birthday Uncle!

You are my hero, and I am proud of you, inspired by you. Your courage entails a book that would soon be on my list.

Jeay Bhutto!

Meray bazo’on par nigah kar, jo gharoor tha wo gharoor hai. – By Saria Benazir.

19 Oct

43October 18, 2007, a dazzling Thursday – clad in green and white, the colors of her country’s flag and her trademark ashen scarf hovering on her head, Benazir landed on her birthplace to save it. Her hands elevated in prayers and in veneration, tears streamed from her eyes. It was a passage of eight years of banishment far away in the Arab lands to rob her of the whiff of her soil – mud that was too precious to her and which carried the blood of her martyred father and young brothers. She was back amidst her people for whom she meant no less than divinity and who owed her nothing less than blood. She was encircled by Jan Nisar Benazir who were all set to protect their leader at the cost of their own lives. She was breathing in an atmosphere crammed with the red, green and black banners of her party and the jingles of ‘Jeay Bhutto’ and ‘Welcome Benazir’. She had planned her rally in the metropolitan which failed to house the Bhutto’s daughter’s supporters. She landed near the Arabian Sea but the sea of her supporters was more cavernous than any oceanic on the planet. Benazir was back, so was hope.

Courage poured down her eyes, she waved to her crowds that had traveled from every curve of Pakistan to greet her. The song ‘Dila Teer Bija’ doled out as an arrow ripping apart the hardest of the hearts narrating the parable of a knight in the shining armor of her people. Her classiness and dedication was as unrivaled as her name, which sent tremors to the enemies of democratic system. She was Bibi to her jiyalas who voiced Jeay Bhutto as they breathed their last after being hit by the bombs and bullets at Karsaz. She was the message of God and the pigeon from Karbala sat on her shoulder to shield her. She was the Iron Lady of Pakistan, who could not be demoralized by threats of violence but rather led the fight against it and with an incomparable heroism shed her blood for Pakistan on a depressing Thursday of December 27, 2007.

He buried my Benazir in the soil of Garhi Khuda Bux on a dreary Friday. My life was gone, it now resided under tons of mud and he had eyes packed with tears. He was a 19 year old who had lost his mother. Few had reckoned that this child would grow up overnight to bear the mantle of his mother’s leadership with an unequaled boldness and esteem that gush in his blood.

1374374_673938759292600_1288453068_nMeray tan ke zakham na gin, meray ankh may abi noor hai

Meray bazo’on par nigah kar, jo gharoor tha wo gharoor hai.

Another faint Friday of October 18, 2013, when Pakistan is rapt in the worst predicament of its history and the blood of its innocent citizens is drifting on its soil, the cuffs of his shirt were open. He commenced with the watchwords of Narai Takbeer, Narai Risalat, Narai Haideri and Narai Bhutto. They were Benazir’s catchphrases and he had said them in the precise mode. He clapped his hands and the tone of voice echoed alike Benazir’s. Benazir’s magnetism and zeal formed the red on his cheeks, making his face shine brighter than the sun; he has surfaced from the East to alleviate Pakistan after nights of desolation. His smile conveyed buoyancy and at the same time illustrated that he was equipped to escort his treasured nation to prosperity.

His expressions portrayed fondness for the masses and his enthusiastic disciples who never fell short of any sacrifice to advance the grand cause of Bhuttoism. He was at Karsaz to strengthen that everlasting attachment formed by his grandfather Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto: ‘Bilawal Bhutto ap ka tha, Bilawal Bhutto ap ka hai aur hamesha rehay ga’. His axioms carried cutting edges intended at the contenders of democracy and Pakistan’s population and the apologists of the Taliban. He was there to give a deadly bluster to them. This Friday, his eyes were snowed under Benazir’s valor. He addressed his much cherished workers to tie the knots of a son and a brother with them, who are no less than enchantment for him in conjunction with his flamboyant vision and an equally celebrated past.

He carried Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s finger ring and he eventually proved that he is worth it.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari: Engraved in a Jiyala’s Blood – By Saria Benazir.

21 Sep

382273_4943957971122_2098018795_n“Democracy is the best revenge”: his mother’s words from the juvenile, captivating Bilawal Bhutto Zardari ricocheted as the catchphrase of the century – at 19, he had already treaded into the birthright gripped in cavernous scarlet; the parable of which elongates to every bend of the earth. With strenuous viciousness, they executed his grandfather, uncles and his mother, the “alluring” Daughter of the East; and yet, “Bhutto survives”… in his grandson, who is destined to escort the future Pakistan to the climax of prosperity.

He is the Bhutto’s blood – his flesh. Substantial similitude to the Quaid e Awam makes Bilawal Bhutto Zardari incomparable; for devoid of misgiving, he is “the one without a paradigm” as his name implies. He is the “Zulfikar Ali Bhutto” of Pakistan!

Newspaper captions read “The Child who fooled the President” – Born to Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto and President Asif Ali Zardari on September 21, 1988, Bilawal was the most “celebrated” newborn in Pakistan’s narration ; yet, his continuation – a hostage to his family’s assertion to an improved prospect for Pakistan’s inhabitants, who look upon the Bhuttos as an icon of veneration.

December 30, 2007 – there originated a new epoch, crammed with woe; yet exemplified by resolute dedication to the homeland. The jingles of “Jeay Bhutto” send frissons to the enemies of democracy. A new anecdote of red, green and black began with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, taking the mantle of leadership and assuming the headship of the largest political party of Pakistan:” It (the PPP) was not handed to me like a piece of furniture. The party asked me to do it and I did”.

Perhaps, in his leadership, the party stands more unified and stronger than ever – a new life surfaces with every bloodshed, for the martyrs’ blood is bound not to go vainly.

The Bhuttos have long been acknowledged for their magnetism and fearlessness. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari prolongs the heritage. Bold and brilliant, he reveals all the constituents of the future Prime Minister of Pakistan.

He is the distinct Pakistani leader, who can plainly clasp the ashen scrap in Pakistan’s flag and has undertaken to defend the religious minorities who reside in this country. Unreservedly against the frame of mind that killed the former Punjab Governor, and the Minorities Minister, he declines to believe that Islam authorizes sadism. Perhaps I am very certain that he will eliminate the tarnish of being the world’s most treacherous place for the minorities and journalists from Pakistan’s name.

He has persistently said: “May Baaghi Hoo” – undeniably, he is a dissenter to the double standards ripping us apart: frequent military governments, ostrich politicians, butchering of the minorities, inept law and order system, the radical attitude which have encumbered the country’s growth ever since its establishment.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari craves for the Jinnah’s Pakistan – forbearing, progressive and egalitarian. He endeavors for Pakistan free from the ills of scarcity, illiteracy, fanaticism and ailments. He yearns to make a difference, for in Bilawal’s words “Jo faisla hota nahi, wo faisla kar daiy gay hum…”

He is Benazir Bhutto’s son. The ordeal is detectable in his eyes and tone, every time he says: “Ya Allah Ya Rasool, Benazir Beyqasoor”… He is a son, who till the date has been shorn of justice for his mother, and grandfather, both of whom lost their lives to make certain that the ejected ones too do get “Bread, Clothing and Shelter” at the minimum.

On September 21, 2013, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari observes his 25th birthday, and the ocean of my sentiments of undying adoration and devotion to him reaches the zenith, so I reach out to say Happy Birthday to Bakhtawar’s brother – the child, who sacrificed his adolescence to win a peoples’ love.

I give you the gift of my feelings. You will fight the fight better than me. Your speeches will be more eloquent than my speeches. Your commitment equally total. There will be more youth and vitality in your struggle. Your deeds will be more daring. I transmit to you the blessing to the most blessed mission. This is the only present I can give you on your birthdays.”

An unending love, devotion and my blood for your birthday gift ❤

 Zinda Hai Bhutto Zinda Hai!


Thank you President Asif Ali Zardari: the bravest we ever had! – By Saria Benazir.

8 Sep

5652_1106716584985_1138893918_30270283_7293457_n“God brings night and God brings day. God brings light and God brings darkness. Victory and defeat are in God’s hands. In our hands is the decision to live a life that can give us the satisfaction to say, when dying, that we lived a full life, a life devoted to serving humanity and its highest ideals.” Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto 

President Asif Ali Zardari – one of the most enthralling figures of the Pakistan’s politics observes his 57th birthday on July 26. For the masses, he is the singular sanguinity, of course, because he leads Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto’s party – the largest political party of Pakistan, which was established to serve the “Awam”. There are many, who would convey their disenchantment over the existing circumstances, partially because their focal spring of comprehension is the news bulletins and the talk shows on the television. Nevertheless, divergent to their views, I would express gratitude to Mr. Asif Ali Zardari for leading this dominion in the worst predicament of its narration, and making this land, a very better place to live in, as reckoned by its founders.

He married the Daughter of East, Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto on December 18, 1987, and after joining ties with a member of the Bhutto family, President Asif Ali Zardari has demonstrated a paradigm of valor, and ardor by always standing by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto at the most awful of the times, favoring incarceration to treachery to his ideals – i.e. to provide Bread, Clothing and Shelter to the people of Pakistan, and to lend a hand those who had been dispossessed of their indispensable rights ever since Pakistan’s underpinning. This venture cost him his health, and family life, and for eleven and a half years, he had to tolerate the sweltering heat of the prison cells followed by appalling persecution, and other corporeal and psychological twinges. Despite the fact that the assertions against him remain unverified till the very day, he scarcely spent 9 years of his married life with his family – the lockup was Zardari’s second home. His children grew up devoid of a father’s affection and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto had to spend years fighting those bogus corruption arraigns alongside bringing up the children, and leading the party all alone. When released, he had become a heart patient followed by other ailments. The family had barely gotten together that the shadowy afternoon of December 27, 2007 filched his beloved wife and the leader of people, Benazir Bhutto from him.

He forfeited those 11 and half years of his life, and his personal life, purely in the anticipation of an improved prospect for the people of Pakistan. This nation is too obliged to Mr. Zardari! Salutation to his audacity!

In the repercussion of the earth-shattering December 27, 2007, President Asif Ali Zardari carried towering the crest of the peoples’ power – the red, green and the black flag which posed the utmost hazard to the despots and their mean ends, thus, saving Pakistan from mayhem and sliding doors. Zardari attested to be the true successor to the celebrated heritage of Quaid e Awam Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and after routing a totalitarian – his wife’s murderer, led the Pakistan Peoples Party to victory in the general elections to serve the people of Pakistan, and materialize Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s vision of a progressive and egalitarian Pakistan – Pakistan that was too precious to her heart.

No one was primed to escort the country in those muddled situations, but it was Asif Ali Zardari who did not relinquish, and after becoming the President of Pakistan, President Asif Ali Zardari immediately relocated the powers to the chosen representatives of the people, and willingly handed over the authority to the Prime Minister by terminating the Article 58 – 2 (b) to the constitution of Pakistan. The NFC awards gave sovereignty to the provinces, and the Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Income Support Programme was commenced to back the dearth stricken masses. Women were authorized through legislation, and the rights of the minorities guaranteed – Successful military operations were accomplished in Swat and the northern areas to blotch off the terrorists, who created a peril to the country’s security, solidity and economy. The setback of the internally displaced people was unraveled within a year, and the areas hit by the calamitous floods were rehabilitated. Poor friendly schemes were initiated, and the government ensured the freedom of press and judiciary. The strategy of reconciliation remains the hallmark of the current PPP regime, and enormous attempts were made to prevent this democratic system from being wrecked.

He is the first ever head of the state to donate all of his body organs, thus abiding with the Pakistan Peoples Party’s convention of sacrifice. After Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, the challengers of democracy interrogated “Will the PPP survive”? President Asif Ali Zardari’s dedication and enigmatic leadership has provided a substantiation that the Pakistan Peoples Party has come to survive forever. He is the pioneer of a first ever smooth democratic transition in Pakistan. His love for every Pakistani child as Bakhtawar, Aseefa and Bilawal, and concern for the wellbeing of the population makes him unparalleled in Pakistan’s history.

Thank you Mr. President for setting the base of a tolerant and thriving Pakistan – We would always remain beholden to your enormous courage, and sacrifices.

From a daughter, always prepared to give up her life for you!

Jeyay Bhutto!

Bring me my Benazir back… – By Saria Benazir.

21 Jun

545928_297385633667824_100001891682281_752196_1028996990_nBenazir Bhutto – the tone, my heart had always hankered to heed to, a sensation that encompasses my endurance and has become the very rationale of my prolongation. Nevertheless, when I initiate to corral about that ceaseless essence, my entire body quavers and I am left paralyzed and disenchanted to distinguish how coldheartedly my leader Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto was assassinated and that my lioness princess now dwells under the soil of Garhi Khuda Bux Bhutto – The unsympathetic doom is hard to be articulated and I am left utterly oblivious in a wretched world – unjust realism : life ceases when one opens up the metaphor and every word of it whittles an incalculably cavernous lesion on my heart, one that is far from cure. Meanwhile, the jingles of “Zinda Hai Bibi, Zinda Hai” commence a new folio – a perpetual fable. My leader continues to be the pulse of millions – she persists to rule the masses and I am tremendously obliged to every act of hers.

My derelict empathy is not proficient enough to depict the enormity of my inspiration; for my ogles are too drenched to grasp unerringly the sentiments of the crowds that chant “Jeyay Bhutto” at every instant. I am startled that I survive – the entire itinerary of my life transformed and I cannot resist lettering about my leader Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto – the sole inhabitant of every of my conversation and all that goes on in the heart and psyche.

Born on the longest day of the year, hers is the longest struggle for egalitarianism – she left ineffaceable marks in the annals of history, fighting the clutches of totalitarianism too courteously. June 21 symbolizes the birth of optimism, and of perpetuity. Benazir Bhutto – my existence concludes here.

My ogles are filled with snuffle,

I plunk with a wrecked empathy,

My verve, trapped in billions of regrets,

My daylight hours, like if survival has seized,

My instant, repeating of anguish,

Such piercing accidents,

I have never faced…

Can never gaze up to them…

I don’t have that much courage,

To breathe without a personality,

Closer to me as anyone else,

Who skilled me to articulate,

To reside,

To escort the life,

To interact with the people around me,

To envisage about my community,

To have my essence in the dust,

To give this terra firma inclination over anything else,

To survive with audacity,

To face every situation with gallantry,

To believe in the help of God,

To have compact confidence in democracy,

In the clout of the commons,

Benazir Bhutto, It was you,

You made me discover that all,

Where should I now go?

Where to acquaint with you?

Return me my Benazir …

The watches grab vista of an agonizing phenomenon,

The grime of Garhi Khuda Bux Bhutto,

Too huge, but a pebble empathy it has got,

For it lost all of its sparklers,

Still, the origin of anticipate,

The centre of factions,

Thrash about for democracy,

It always gave confinement to the laudable people,

Who were wholly affiliated to their earth,

Though epochs were too ruthless,

They even gave up their blood,

This day, Benazir Bhutto,

The terrain of Larkana suppurates out,

Get me my Benazir back…

I spot your legacy,

The bequest filled with blood,

Owned by the redeemer of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari,

I heed him articulate Pakistan Khappay,

I listen to him dub out,

If you want to subsist like Benazir,

Learn to deal with living like her…

I see your glance in Bilawal,

His speeches, truly grasping your apparition,

The hallucination, you’d struggled for all your life…

Your words, embossed on his psyche,

Democracy is the greatest reprisal,

I see your adored Aseefa and Bakhtawar,

Carrying totally your manifestation,

In the means of their lives,

The act of their demeanor,

I perceive my Benazir,

Completely heart ached,

I am standing in a world,

Devoid of Benazir….

The instant of life calls out,

Bring me back my Benazir…

Oh! It’s June 21,

Bring me my Benazir back…


Sindh ji Rahri Benazir ji salgarah ji mubarak hujai – Happy Birthday, Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto.

You continue to dwell in our hearts!

Zinda Hai Bibi, Zinda Hai!

My Benazir’s words scared the boots more than the enemy’s tanks. – By Saria Benazir

21 Jun

548319_308693369203717_100001891682281_780552_26337318_nFor the masses she was no less than a saint – she was the Bhutto’s daughter! Zulfikar Ali Bhutto – who was the founder of Pakistan.

 After six years of her assassination, I am constrained to whittle in blood the fable of Benazir Bhutto – a myth deprived of words to portray its immenseness – a narrative unplumbed than the deepest of the waters – a parable gargantuan than the creation: I commence to pen about the woman of the century – the woman who made the hardest of the men throttle; she was destiny’s daughter, and the anticipation of the masses. The tone of Jeyay Bhutto perforates into the atmosphere, for it is eternity – the subsistence of my aspirations lapses here.

Another June 21 and my compassion demolishes – the Jiyala in me cannot resist when the sun mounts up with obscurity instead of an expectation for better, it was not analogous on the very day in 1953 when it brought a hope of a culmination to the obliteration in Pakistan and of a better panorama for the marginalized – women and the subjugated ones could foresee a future free from impoverishment – she brought with her a promise of empowerment and illumination : Her birth blessed Pakistan with a tigress, of whose match there is none – no one can reckon of the valor she possessed – the crowds were all hers, and the callous doom turned her from Papa’s Pinky to then fight as an opposition leader as Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto : The young woman who had scarcely completed her education to see a military coup in Pakistan, concluding in the judicial murder of Pakistan’s first ever elected Prime Minister, Quaid-e-Awam Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

It stabs to evoke the reminisces of my leader Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto, who carried the mantle of leadership from her martyred father and endeavored to save the bequest – a legacy which has become perpetual now. The white scarf perched on her head became an icon of power – her words scared the boots more than the enemy’s tanks. All alone, she stood and battled against the forces of fanaticism and dictatorship and recovered this land from the despots, who left the masses disadvantaged and dispossessed them of freedom: Benazir gave voice to the neglected. She rebelled against those hawks, without any trepidation of the outcomes and the vicious tests she was made to go through – a brother was poisoned but she did not give up. Elections were promised to be called in 90 days, but those three months fetched till the Doom’s Day as per likely.

“The people who resent me do so because I am young, I am a Bhutto and I am a woman.”

 The world witnessed the same young Bhutto, taking oath as the first ever woman to lead a Muslim state – The woman who was imprisoned and banished by zia ul haq was now the Prime Minister of Pakistan – She had always been the leader of the people, and the greatest impediment for the autocratic forces which always used every plausible way to ram her away from the politics but their labors were of no reward. Benazir Bhutto always lead the hearts and psyches of the people – for the common herd, she was the sole hope. The clout of the people altered the destiny for another time and Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto was again sworn in as the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the second time. “Dila Teer Bija” became the jingle of all the enthusiasts of democracy, the arrow symbolized a new and betterPakistan.

Benazir Bhutto’s epoch was a golden period for Pakistan’s development – the reign brought affluence for the country. Pakistan was at the brink of being declared as a terrorist state – it was my leader, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto who barred this from happening and presented an envisage of a peaceful Pakistan, but alongside kept the defense of Pakistan secure by granting it the missile technology – yet, Benazir Bhutto guaranteed that the future generation of Pakistan has to fight the war with their knowledge, rather than bludgeons – her government established hundreds of thousands of schools throughout the country. She empowered the women in order to enable them to stand equally with the men, breaking those conventions which had left them exploited – she took the initiative to place an end to their inferior position in the society. The haters too recognize the fact that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto placed a fight against ailments, poverty and radicalism – She was a catalyst for change and empowerment. Benazir Bhutto symbolized the federation and egalitarianism – Her accomplishments can be fetched to soak every drop of ink and every piece of the folio, but would be left unfinished. Benazir Bhutto Shaheed gave Pakistan an identity.

The other brother had also been murdered to topple her second government – with an ailing mother and a husband behind bars, three children to care for, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto continued with her war against the tormenters. The kangaroo courts and the establishment of Pakistannever possessed enough fortitude to face that unarmed woman – they sought refuge in the phony corruption charges. It was the audacity of Benazir Bhutto and only Benazir Bhutto who never wavered in her commitment to the people of Pakistan, I salute you Mohtarmah, and I salute your braverySHEER RESPECT – when I see her historical return in October 2007.

“Life and death is in the hands of Allah. That is why I have got the courage to stare in the eyes of death without any fear”. Her homecoming would always be cited at the apex of all notes. Her arrival quenched the thirst of millions of her countrymen – the ambiance was crammed with the catchphrases of JEYAY BHUTTO and Zinda Hai Bhutto, Zinda Hai – Benazir Bhutto Shaheed was a true heir to the legacy – The Daughter of the East dedicated her existence to her principles and fighting to provide justice to her people who had been left in desolation for decades – the stoves laid arctic in the dictator’s government and the poor were compelled to exterminate their families and commit suicide, because of paucity. The General was too coward – they tried to use might to terrorize her and stop her from struggling for her cause: Benazir Bhutto never gave up, despite the perils to her life. Thereby, I lived up to the gloomiest ever day of my survival, December 27, 2007 when my leader Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto was snatched too brutally from me – the world lost the democracy’s champion, the people of Pakistan lost their voice and Saria lost her entire universe that laid with her.

 The people of Pakistan have not forgotten you, Benazir! You continue to dwell in the hearts of the people and lead them from your grave – the soil of Garhi Khuda Bux Bhutto remains a magnet for the population and exhibits another Karbala – the war of right against the prejudice continues and following in the footsteps of our martyred leaders, President Asif Ali Zardari saved Pakistan when it had ruined in the aftermath of the tragic afternoon of December 27, 2007. “Pakistan Khappay” – like Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, my President’s words assembled the busted pieces ofPakistan and made a newPakistan.

“Democracy is our revenge and we will have it”. The Chairman PPP, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari carries my Bibi’s flag too lofty, he has established that Bhutto persists to live and the legacy can never be murdered. “We did not come this far to fail” – Bakhtawar and Aseefa Bhutto Zardari continue to reveal hope for a splendid Pakistan – a Pakistan free from starvation, illiteracy and scarcity, for “Lay kar rehay ga har insaan, roti, kapra aur makaan” – My Bibi dwells in her children, heroic like her and fretful about the grievances of the masses exactly like her.

While sitting on this dust, I feel so beholden to you, Bibi – I’m inhaling in this air just because of you. As long as I live, I will die for you!

Jeyah Bhutto, Jeyah Jeyah Bhutto!

Happy 60th Birthday, Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto – you alleviate my continuity!

Jab Tak Souraj Chand Rehay Ga, Bibi Tera Naam Rehay Ga! May baaghi hoo, Jo chahay muj pay zulm karo…

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