Happy Birthday to my Benazir in blood and flesh, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari! – By Saria Benazir.

25 Jan

17‘The other day, I took Bilawal to see his father in prison. The atmosphere was horrid – police, prison bars…When we got home I felt very guilty for having taken him. However, it was quite different when I went with Bakhtawar. I had given her a biscuit to keep her quiet on the way there. When we arrived at the jail she hadn’t eaten it yet and when she saw her father, her whole concern was to feed him. When we arrived home, she spent the whole time picking up the phone and saying ‘Daddy. Daddy’. Tear-jerking, yet buoyant, inclusive and gratifying graphic of Itty Bee who is my life! Do I have to seek out an auxiliary rationale to worship her? Where the universe culminates, my adulation for Bakhtawar commences.

She is my goddess – the hardest name to carve and enunciate because it already crafts a pathway to my heart. The incessant and unblemished twenty-two letters ‘Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari’ delineate the itinerary of my continuation which is devoid of a measure to the fondness and kindliness held within, doubtful for any vision to comprehend and any being to feel the slightest of it. She gushes through my veins and breaths and surfaces as the exclusive throb. Words fall short to replicate the accurate state of mind; nevertheless cannot help scrape a minute section of my heart to get adequate blood to whittle ‘Happy Birthday’ for my leader and my soul – sister, the prophecy of good fortune and her mother’s very beloved pudding.


 She is the Royal Baby. When Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto gave birth to Bakhtawar in 1990, she became the first modern head of state to give birth while in office. The breathtaking parable of the baby who did not suppurate at all in mama’s lap during the entire flight from her mother’s ‘Daughter of the East’ characterizes the very gratefulness and serenity of the best daughter a mother could ever have – a leader in the creation, who had dedicated herself to Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto’s cause of the emancipation of her people ever since she was born, and from the beginning of her reality was made to go through the mayhem of Pakistan’s politics by growing up with the father behind bars and the mother fighting to prove his innocence alongside battling for the rights of her dispossessed masses.


Fittingly named ‘pudding’ by her martyred mother, she is a merge of the superlative traits of head and heart. I cannot fail to notice the 18 year old in black and silver having lost her mother just before her birthday and her space that laid with her – the tears in her eyes demolish me, but the human race observed those tears alter into a voice that guarantees to take the pain away with incomparable valor and dedication that sent tremors to the enemies of democracy and kindled the candle of hope in her devotees. The triumph of the PPP in the 2008 elections led to her father, Asif Ali Zardari taking the office of the President of Pakistan. One cannot recount anything to the exquisiteness of hands with cherry – painted nails carrying her mother, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s picture in the National Assembly. In her foremost official address to the future Pakistan, she, ornamented with her mother’s last gift conveyed her resolution to creating a positive difference in the lives of the people.


The floods in Pakistan gave birth to a new Benazir who could not resist rupturing all the obstacles to lend a hand to her people and convert the tragedy into an opportunity. Her venture to form an enlightened Pakistan is demonstrated by her excellent grades at the University of Edinburgh and her fidgety efforts to escort Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology to new heights. Lately, she captivated the crowds at the launch of the Sindh Festival – Benazir’s daughter in the conventional Sindhi dress denoted the family’s adherence to their derivations and indestructible connection with the soil and its people. She, in her riveting smile reveals truth and hopefulness – woman with audacity to speak up for the derelict and dismiss the critics without a grimace.


She is a superwoman. Twenty four years of her life have made her tantamount to magnetism, bravery and fascination. Her presence completes me or rather creates me. Her hug makes Bilawal and Aseefa impregnable.

Happy Birthday to my Benazir in blood and flesh – my leader (the only woman who can construct and destruct me!), Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari!

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