Meray bazo’on par nigah kar, jo gharoor tha wo gharoor hai. – By Saria Benazir.

19 Oct

43October 18, 2007, a dazzling Thursday – clad in green and white, the colors of her country’s flag and her trademark ashen scarf hovering on her head, Benazir landed on her birthplace to save it. Her hands elevated in prayers and in veneration, tears streamed from her eyes. It was a passage of eight years of banishment far away in the Arab lands to rob her of the whiff of her soil – mud that was too precious to her and which carried the blood of her martyred father and young brothers. She was back amidst her people for whom she meant no less than divinity and who owed her nothing less than blood. She was encircled by Jan Nisar Benazir who were all set to protect their leader at the cost of their own lives. She was breathing in an atmosphere crammed with the red, green and black banners of her party and the jingles of ‘Jeay Bhutto’ and ‘Welcome Benazir’. She had planned her rally in the metropolitan which failed to house the Bhutto’s daughter’s supporters. She landed near the Arabian Sea but the sea of her supporters was more cavernous than any oceanic on the planet. Benazir was back, so was hope.

Courage poured down her eyes, she waved to her crowds that had traveled from every curve of Pakistan to greet her. The song ‘Dila Teer Bija’ doled out as an arrow ripping apart the hardest of the hearts narrating the parable of a knight in the shining armor of her people. Her classiness and dedication was as unrivaled as her name, which sent tremors to the enemies of democratic system. She was Bibi to her jiyalas who voiced Jeay Bhutto as they breathed their last after being hit by the bombs and bullets at Karsaz. She was the message of God and the pigeon from Karbala sat on her shoulder to shield her. She was the Iron Lady of Pakistan, who could not be demoralized by threats of violence but rather led the fight against it and with an incomparable heroism shed her blood for Pakistan on a depressing Thursday of December 27, 2007.

He buried my Benazir in the soil of Garhi Khuda Bux on a dreary Friday. My life was gone, it now resided under tons of mud and he had eyes packed with tears. He was a 19 year old who had lost his mother. Few had reckoned that this child would grow up overnight to bear the mantle of his mother’s leadership with an unequaled boldness and esteem that gush in his blood.

1374374_673938759292600_1288453068_nMeray tan ke zakham na gin, meray ankh may abi noor hai

Meray bazo’on par nigah kar, jo gharoor tha wo gharoor hai.

Another faint Friday of October 18, 2013, when Pakistan is rapt in the worst predicament of its history and the blood of its innocent citizens is drifting on its soil, the cuffs of his shirt were open. He commenced with the watchwords of Narai Takbeer, Narai Risalat, Narai Haideri and Narai Bhutto. They were Benazir’s catchphrases and he had said them in the precise mode. He clapped his hands and the tone of voice echoed alike Benazir’s. Benazir’s magnetism and zeal formed the red on his cheeks, making his face shine brighter than the sun; he has surfaced from the East to alleviate Pakistan after nights of desolation. His smile conveyed buoyancy and at the same time illustrated that he was equipped to escort his treasured nation to prosperity.

His expressions portrayed fondness for the masses and his enthusiastic disciples who never fell short of any sacrifice to advance the grand cause of Bhuttoism. He was at Karsaz to strengthen that everlasting attachment formed by his grandfather Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto: ‘Bilawal Bhutto ap ka tha, Bilawal Bhutto ap ka hai aur hamesha rehay ga’. His axioms carried cutting edges intended at the contenders of democracy and Pakistan’s population and the apologists of the Taliban. He was there to give a deadly bluster to them. This Friday, his eyes were snowed under Benazir’s valor. He addressed his much cherished workers to tie the knots of a son and a brother with them, who are no less than enchantment for him in conjunction with his flamboyant vision and an equally celebrated past.

He carried Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s finger ring and he eventually proved that he is worth it.


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