Happy Birthday Aseefa Bhutto Zardari: the flag bearer of my martyred leader! – By Saria Benazir.

3 Feb

20130109_37Martyrdom remains the hallmark of the Pakistan Peoples Party – sway backside the folios and you would stumble on immeasurably extensive, and poignant marvels of struggle and sacrifice; nonetheless, a mention of which is by no means as much as indispensable – eyes torrent with incessant tears and sever the empathy, the cries reach up to the raptures; yet the doom loans a beam, and the bequest continues. “Benazir” valour comes to continuation and there is a resumption of optimism. True that she had to remain an eternal guidance and stimulation, and her apparition was to be reassigned for materialisation: History quoted her at the zenith of the golden books, and her name stands towering as an idol of egalitarianism, not only inPakistan, but her struggle sets an archetype for the entire world.

The soil of Garhi Khuda Bux Bhutto never lets a vacuity of headship – after every mayhem, from the very same mire arises a voice for democracy and the integrity of Pakistan – another episode of pliability to privations commences, a new segment of narration begins ending up in a perpetual and moral accomplishment for the family of martyrs – nevertheless, the struggle for the rights of the people has to persist, and someone has to haul forward the message for which my leader, Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto gave her blood, leaving her three children in their adolescent ; yet, the intact homeland turned into an orphan, for her loss is an irretrievable one – No one is going to be Benazir again…  . True that, but sanguinity is never lost, when one gapes at President Asif Ali Zardari, Bilawal, Bakhtwar and Aseefa Bhutto Zardari – my Benazir continues to live on in them.

The heart demolishes into millions; she was not 15 yet, when she lost her cherished mother, Benazir; and nothing can ever reimburse for the loss of a parent. Yet, these instants at times become an impetus; and shove one to the implausible. Millions had lost expectation, but the hope invigorated with Benazir’s youngest, Aseefa Bhutto Zardari. With the ashy scarf hovering on her head like Benazir, she embodies the visualization for which her mother had so audaciously fought – the revelation of an enlightened and a flourishing Pakistan,Pakistan which is free from fanaticism, ailments and scarcity. Benazir’s nerve comes to subsistence with Aseefa’s catchphrases of “Jeay Bhutto”… the saga, which is never to terminate.

Citing her salient similitude to Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto, who is discernible in her every smirk, and remains the rationale behind it, she has an immeasurably striking compassion as well : a sense of belonging to the underprivileged of the country, who would always glance for asylum from sorrows in Bibi’s phrases and manner – Aseefa carries on to fortify the bond of devotion and fidelity to her mother’s brethren; and the future generation of Pakistan, who are auspicious enough to be consecrated with a leader in her. As Pakistan’s ambassador for the polio eradication, Aseefa has rejuvenated Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s epoch by conducting the polio campaign, incalculably lucratively. This is a cue of the early 90s, when Aseefa was the first Pakistani child to be vaccinated against polio. “Awareness is the first step for prevention. Help save a life today just by informing them of the vaccination. We want a #PolioFreePakistan comes out from a newly turned 19 years old, Aseefa Bhutto Zardari. Certainly, she is one of those ladies, who move Pakistan!

Carrying the pennant of Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto, the Pakistani nation has a new leader, and an encouragement in the form of Aseefa. It is that crest which has always symbolized the derelict ones of the society, and prolongs to be the icon of empowerment for the women, and the only voice for the rights of the minorities, and those suffering bias. This is the indication of respite for the impoverished, and that of hope for the kaput. It is the foresight of a dawn, after the murkiest of nights, and I resolutely deem that InshahAllah, Aseefa will coerce her mother’s mission to conclusion.

Life ceases as I hear the name,

It stops, as I pen the name,

The wound deepens,

And there is no cure,

The voice remains unheard,

Facts remain unturned,

But I feel helpless,

Find myself clueless,

Appear to be speechless….

Mighty! What a huge test,

But yet, I’m blessed,

The legacy survives,

Not a matter of big connives,

But it’s fate, that has decided,

Gaze into Aseefa’s eyes,

It’s Benazir’s vision,

That is evident . . .

In the slogans of Jeay Bhutto,

In the ideas of Pakistan Khappay,

Accept it or nay,

It is the manifestation of dreams,

Aspiration of my beloved Benazir,

To see a polio free Pakistan,

The mission is quite hard,

Daughter Aseefa takes the charge,

And promises her mom,

To ensure the safety of every child,

From being crippled for life,

Bravo! A huge cause,

But the determination is too strong,

It’s Benazir Bhutto’s daughter,

Aseefa, who has made this promise…

From the Himalayas to the Arabian,

The lofty mountain tops,

The waves of the oceans,

The flowers in the heavens,

The doves in the paradise,

Chirp of my leader’s courage,

And attach a striking resemblance,

With Aseefa’s audacity…

They speak of Benazir’s relation,

With the masses, as their only hope,

A hope lost too soon,

But yet life does move,

The same blood flows,

And the legacy survives,

In Aseefa’s conduct….

She’s a shoulder to cry on,

For every being alike,

Like her mother Benazir,

Who gave the last drop of her blood,

Merely to protect her motherland,

To lighten the lives of her people,

With the light of education,

With employments available to all,

And no house, where the stoves lie cold,

And Aseefa is too committed,

To accomplish her mother’s dreams….

” I never got to say i love you as much as i wanted to, but i do- R.I.P BB </3″ – it will always feel like this 😥 x

Benazir lives in Aseefa Bhutto Zardari … ❤

Happy Birthday Aseefa, from the very nucleus of my sensitivity. My sentiments for you are so profound, that it is almost improbable for anyone to reach the divan of that sea. In the paradise, your birthday song is being sung!

Lots of love!


Jab Tak Souraj Chand Rehay Ga, Bhutto Teray Naam Rehay Ga!


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