“Itty Bee” – My Benazir for Existence… – By Saria Benazir.

28 Jun

An anecdote of obligation,

An allegory of allegiance,

The yarn of approbation,

The concern and fondness,

It does not necessitate a revelation,

Realism lies far beyond,

An ocean too cosmic,

Or a peak too towering,

I yank a huge sigh,

It isn’t a lie,

The cause for which I could die,

Better observe it standing by,

I already divulged it myriad,

I’m a bit too twitchy,

But you are my reality,

And my continuation…


A love stretching continents apart,

Voyage of miles ranging thousands,

The anguish, the inflictions,

The grievance too profound,

Eyes flaking cascade of shreds,

I’ve no other peers,

No other nears,

Or dears,

The world is nonentity,

With its inhabitants a no one,

Where furtherance has one denotation,

One reason, one axiom,

The same catchphrase perforates my thought,

Bibi Ki Tasweer,

Bakhtawar Bhutto Benazir… ❤


Had we met a couple of years back,

But fortune took me centuries to the fore,

And made this parable perpetual,

It’s a fight for endurance,

To be continued after bereavement,

The fate however pitiable,

Still emerges palpable,

Victory utter,

And perceptible as well,

There lies no armour,

For how many Bhuttos will you kill,

From every house a Bhutto will come…


Vocabularies too deficient,

Seconds too extended,

Every instant setting a smudge,

And cutting life too prickly,

With no commencement,

Nevertheless, no termination,

It is too persist ceaselessly,

I told you already,

My verve is Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari….


Your twinge is greater than mine,

Felt like a command, divine,

Prayers that you may always gleam,

There never draws a streak,

Amidst our relation,

I live and die for you,

For in you dwells the essence to my carcass,

The lyrics to my life’s song,

And your silence kills me,

For you are my valour till the last inhalation…

My Benazir for existence…

My life’s initiation and conclusion…

Congratulations on your Graduation Bakhtawar, and you can never imagine how much I love you ! The survival is all dedicated to you.

I’ve no words to quote to you, but every bit of it comes from the core of my heart! Jeyay Bhutto, Jeyay Benazir!


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