Zardari: Made of tougher mettle – By Saria Benazir

9 Dec

The rumors of an impending coup further perforate into the already adverse political situation in the country, following the memo gate issue. This is another incredible issue, much like the incredible memo-an unsigned paper seemingly no importance to the White House has subjugated the whole country to a farce played out by our very laudable Supreme Court and the establishment. And now this new addition furthers the attack on Pakistani democracy.

The likelihood of President Asif Ali Zardari’s resignation, as stated by the American Foreign Policy blog has created a hullabaloo throughout the country, and people seem to have unquestioningly placed their convictions in that blog. The army and ISI already own Pakistan, what about the Head of State? Does the US decide the resignations of Pakistani officials as well now?

The role of media in this entire episode has been wretched. Without due investigation, they have regurgitated and embellished the fictitious news, producing all sorts of conspiracy theories and paranoia. It is hardly news that President Zardari has been suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and coronary diseases. Lets not jump the gun by assuming that he would give up the presidency. The official sources have stated several times that it was a routine medical check up, but no one appears to believe it. Media pundits have linked it to the memogate issue. They may be mistaken about Zardari.

As far as I have seen, the President is a resilient and brave politician. He fought off all forged corruption charges against him. He spent an eleven and half years in prison and was even elected as a Senator and Member of National Assembly while in prison. He got his tongue cut off, faced severe physical and mental torment and has been treated in the most callous ways, rather than the respect that is due to an elected President. He always remained concrete on his principles and his commitment to the ideals of Bhutto. Even after the death of Benazir Bhutto, the audacity with which he led the PPP to victory in the February 2008 elections is remarkable. Trivial issues like the memogate cannot move him – he has already faced greater perils.

The inhumane way that the rumor of this resignation and his ill health has been a cause of celebration shows the moral bankruptcy of our society and the political opposition. If you abhor the person show it through your votes rather than through hate. It is strange that Zardari as an elected Head of the State bothers people more than looming Martial Law?

Lets not write off Zardari just yet. Alternative options aren’t much to write home about.

All prayers for the President’s speedy recovery! He has well wishers waiting for his address to the joint session of the Parliament!


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